Hitch your wagon to a Star...Who is Michael Lee?

Able Airport Service has been doing business since 2005. Not Knowing where you end up in the web of life may be the best part of the journey. I just plain and simply like people. All of us have very unique stories and experiences. You get to know each other pretty well when you commute to an airport at odd hours and frequently. My father was a Russian emigrants son who grew up in a small coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania, Jack Lee is his name. Jack played football for Carnegie Tech, went to the Sugar Bowl, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and played for 1 year to join the Marine Corps for the war. Jack became a career Marine pilot. He died when I was 21. My mom was a professional organist, Her name was Ruth. She grew up in Lexington, Ma, and attended Boston University. She entertained as a nightclub organist for most of her life. Places like Capt Bobs in New Bern , NC, the Ankara Lounge in South Hills, PA.. We always had a 3 keyboard Hammond organ with twin leslie speakers in the living room.. I was born in Hawaii, and grew up in Hawaii, North Carolina, Ellsworth, Pa, Pleasant Hills ,Pa, Maryland. I left home and went to the Viet-Nam when I was 17, came home, worked for Xerox, Ma Bell, I started a CB business in College Park, earned my pilots license at the Bay Bridge airport, raced drag boats all around the country, got bored and headed to Hermosa Beach, Ca. for a sabbatical, moved to Clearwater, Florida and then Key West.Started my hotel Career at The Casa Marina Resort as a valet and worked my way up the corporate late to become a Hotel General Manager. Moved to Boston, The Charles Hotel, TPC Sawgrass, The Orlando Marriott, Don Ceasar Resort, Kuluakoi on Molokai, Hawaii, Palm Springs, Ca, Chattanooga, Tenn., Pittsburgh, Pa, Bay City, MI, to Manchester, NH. And a of hotel traveling in between. I can say I understand travel and hospitality.

I've been around and I feel very lucky with my opportunities and experience. I do very much enjoy what I do.

My hobbies are Outdoor activities a must. Golf, skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, wild edible mushroom picking, writing, cooking, dog, cat, and fish, hydro and aquaponics, music, fender guitars, and sometimes just plain being a vegetable.

​I do very much enjoy what I do.

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